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Change Management (Strategic Planning)

For years our consultants have been asked to lead one off trainings for non-profit organizations and leaders in government and industry. While we believe that this is genuinely a great step towards improvement, we know first hand how one time events can be received as performative and are often called "window dressing" by those who expect real change. Our approach is systemic and intentional geared at addressing root causes from grass roots to the top branches of an organization.

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Building Cultural Competency and Antiracism

Our people are deeply trusted because of our years of experience implementing antiracist strategies and developing cultural competencies among leaders in some of our nation's largest organizations. At Collective Leadership Strategies, we combine our insights and skills to transform your organization and its leaders by weaving your values into the fabric of your corporate culture. We’re proud to help our clients realize true systemic transformation through the collective perspectives, experiences, and ideals of their communities. 

Executive Coaching

Today's executives are faced with an ever changing environment of complexity, uncertainty, and ambiguity. Even the most seasoned leaders stand to benefit from an unbiased perspective that is understanding of the demands. Our coaching is more than just leadership development. We are here to guide both existing and aspiring leaders through the wilderness as they aspire to create more socially responsible and sustainable organizations where their communities feel belonging and respect.

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