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Welcome to Collective Leadership Strategies!

Updated: May 11, 2022


You guys...

Y'ALL, we started a business! It's really happening!

What happens when you put a team full of outspoken and unapologetic troublemakers with too much time on their hands, more formal education than any human really needs, and a burning desire to make the world a better place in a conference room? Magic, that's what happens.

Okay, maybe we aren't ACTUALLY performing magic here, but we are a group of do-gooders with robust backgrounds and the drive to turn our collective experiences into meaningful change. Our goal with this organization is not to simply generate a profit to pay off our mountains of student loans. We are setting out with the knowledge that businesses, non-profits, and government entities can move in a direction that is led by their values when they are woven into the fabric of their respective organizations.

We are here to build up leaders who are laser-focused on achieving outcomes, are clear on what they do (and don't) pursue, and implement change in a way that is strategic and meaningful for those throughout their organization. Our team has been responsible for overseeing some of the largest and most impact-driven organizations in our region, and we have been successful at doing so.

Please take your time perusing our website and learning about our team and the passion that drives us. You may not have a need for an executive coach or strategic planning services now, but the content that we create will hopefully still bring value to your life as a human trying to navigate this wild world.

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