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Small Business Saturday- Nonprofit Goal Setting Roadmap

This Small Business Saturday we would like to offer a free resource for our friends in the world of nonprofit management (although anyone can adapt it for their use). As we wrap up the calendar year many small businesses will turn their attention to setting new goals and identifying strategies for their work. Below is a roadmap that will help facilitate this work effectively and efficiently. In our work, a phenomenon continues to come up with almost every client we help out: the idea that complex problems require complex solutions. This has led to an economic environment where nearly everything is overthought and analyzed to death. Goal setting shouldn't be complicated, nor should planning for how to achieve those goals.

Why focus on nonprofits today? The world of nonprofit management is changing rapidly in a post-pandemic world. Executive Directors report that it is more difficult than ever to recruit board members who are willing to give their time and energy to provide the legally required oversight. This problem is compounded for smaller nonprofits and those led by individuals from historically marginalized groups.

The Brookings Institute established an economic policy initiative called The Hamilton Project (THP) in 2006 to study the challenges that face the US Economy. "The Hamilton Project offers a strategic vision and produces innovative policy proposals on how to create a growing economy that benefits more Americans. The Project’s strategy reflects a judgment that long-term prosperity is best achieved by fostering economic growth and broad participation in that growth, by enhancing individual economic security..."

Of special interest to our team at CLS is a report from 2016 that they released titled, "Minority and Women Entrepreneurs: Building Capital, Networks, and Skills." This research is a critical element as to why our company was founded - access to entrepreneurial knowledge and skills is a determinant of long-term success and sustainability. This report highlights the gross disparities in how individuals from minoritized groups are able to access these resources. The connection that our team has with this research as members of historically marginalized groups is deep and personal. At the same time, we are able to recognize what privileges are afforded to us individually and how we can leverage our lived experience, education, economic status, abilities, and personal identities to make a meaningful impact as proposed by THP.

Do you serve on a board, lead a nonprofit, work for a nonprofit, or have a nonprofit that you love and want to see thrive? If so please use or share this infographic to support their work. It is here for your reference for as long as our company exists! If you (our readers) find this helpful then we will make an effort to publish more resources like this in the future!

Wanting more? Give us a shout at to discuss your needs.

Viewing on your mobile device? Download the PDF here!

CLS Strategic Alignment Framework
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